Rules to dating for every singles

Rules to Dating

6 Important rules to dating

In our world today, rules to dating are very important as lot of things changing fast and even in the dating world, these changes are also visible. For instance, we can see that online dating and social media have influence many women to take charge of their dating lives in ways, they haven’t before.

Well, if you are interested in having certain knowledge about the dating world (one that revolves around making the right proactive choices), you need to be clear about your goals to yourself and your prospective partners. Therefore, if you really know you are ready for a monogamous relationship, you can consider these tips and advises:

Give Your Energy And Time: Finding (and building) a relationship with a partner is a project  Give your keen attention to this project.

Carry A Friend Along In The Process:
If you intend looking online, do your profile with a friend as this will help you lighten up. Then, don’t boast. Simply be funny and sincere. And then, scan through profiles selectively. Pick out three or four members of the opposite guys and simply signal your interest. A clue? You can refer to a remark the person made in their profile.

Start an Email Exchange: You need to begin thinking with your head at this junction. At this point, ensure you limit your emails to like two or three before suggesting meeting face-to-face.


Arrange To Meet At A Convenient Location:

Meeting in a coffee shop is a nice idea and simply talk about those things you like to do, your recent experiences, your job, and so on, while the conversation is on, ensure you are paying attention to whether there is a good balance in the conversation.

Then note: Avoid talking about your or the person’s problems.

Yeah, the Bill: if you are the male, be a gentleman take care the payment and if you are the female, nothing wrong if you offer to pay half of the bill (or all). Not bad!

After the first meeting: what will happen next? Make decision with your head and not based on emotion, if the person is interested in you, as for female, wait to see if the guy will initiate an email conversation or text. If not, maybe start over.

When interest is established move along enthusiastically and suggest meeting again. Ladies, if he called or send a text, don’t make things too difficult for him.

In conclusion, If the person only calls and texts at odd times and isn’t interested in meeting again, beware! He/she might only see you as a tool to kill boredom- which is not what you should be!


A link below from Dr. Rhodes that give some rules for dating:

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