How to save my relationship

How to save my relationship

Education is so important for every adult today. No, not just academic education- even relationship education. Yeah, today, many adults actually need an orientation about what relationship should be, and how the wheels of relationships should be rightly driven.

Look around you today, and you will spot differences between then and now. Yesterdays, our parents take pride in being married together for years. Some 50 years; some 70 years; and some more than! And the only factor that could crumble their relationship is Death.

But today, we feel we can choose to be who and want we want to be. We felt we can be independent and do away with anyone, anyhow we like. You know, ‘If he/she is no good, I will dump his/her a** and find someone else.’

But we are getting it wrong. Partners are not just mere commodities we pick up this minute, and dump the next. Wait, let us be realistic here and ask: What is the assurance that the next partner will be better than the dumped?’ Yeah, humans aren’t flawless (including you and our parents who stay together for years).

Many of our parents’ relationships were at one point or another threatened. But they fought to save it. Now when your relationship is on the brink of breaking, how can you save it? Let us talk.

The Reasons You Are Together

Going back to the beginning to re-evaluate the reasons you are together will help a lot to save your relationship.
There are qualities your partner possesses that you found valuable; that drew him/her to you; and that made you ignore others of his/her kinds to settle with him/her.

This reevaluation is so powerful. By reevaluating the reasons you both came together, it helps to remind you of the reasons to stay together, which will surely strengthens your existing foundation.


The presence (or effective usage) of this fundamental tool known as communication, is the main reason many relationships harbor troubles. Humans don’t ordinarily have classic mind-reading powers, thus, one need to let the other knows their mind by communication.

Simply talk to your partner. Ask relevant questions and listen attentively to their response. Then, thoughtfully offer your own opinion. Don’t overwhelm your partner with your irritations and worries (especially when they aren’t close to anything relaxed).


Special activities specially together

You both should just do something special together. You both can go to the place where you first met or fell in love. Or even your favorite restaurant you haven’t visited for a long time. It is being said that being in a physical space,where you have powerful memories of strong attachment can ignite passion.

Try to do something exciting both of you haven’t done before.

Also, ensure you cut out external influences and forgive each other genuinely. Make your relationship private, and set boundaries with each other. Though you shouldn’t remain in a relationship that is battering your well being, know that it is something honorable to make that person you love a better person, and save your relationship.

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