Volkswagen sold more sausages than Cars in 2015

One of the largest and second automaker in the world Volkswagen Established in 1937 by the German labor front with its Headquarters in Wolfsburg,Germany is a household name with  Volkswagen Passat,Volkswagen Golf, and Volkswagen Bettle.

Among other products apart from Automobiles, the company is famous for it’s Curry-Wurst (Sausages) and Ketchup, which sold more than it’s cars in 2015 with their current Emission scandal to a tune of 7,5 Million Sausages a million more than the year 2014, while their car sales drop from 6,12 million to 5,82 million in 2015 (almost 4,8% drop).


Their was also a record in 2015 for the Ketchup production,which rose from 536,826 Kg in 2014 to 608,208 Kg in 2015 and this brilliant idea to make the finest Sausage started in 1973 and it’s being sold in 11 Countries worldwide.

As a tradition, the sausages are also available in the Volkswagen factory canteen in Wolfsburg and the Wolfsburg soccer team stadium accompanied with it’s Ketchup.

Let’s see,how 2016 would turn out for the German Car manufacturer, more Cars or Currywurst?

Foto: dpa

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