iPhone 5se goes on sale March 18, 2016

iPhone 5se goes on sale March 18, 2016

According to 9to5Mac’s Apple Reporter, the new 4inch iPhone 5se would be available as form March 18,2016 to the
He also predicted the next iPad,iPad Air 3 would be sold on the same day and Apple would reveal these product
on March 15 to the general public.

ipad iphone5se

It’s rumored that the new iPhone 5se would have similar design like iPhone 6 and 6s but a front panel having
sloping curved edges.
In terms of specification the new iPhone5se would be a mix of iPhone 6s and 5s with a poweful A9 chip of the 6s,
8-megapixel camera as well as Live Photos feature that can take a 3 seconds video,when you take a photo with a cost of around $500

Meanwhile, the iPad Air 3 would borrow some few features from the iPad Pro, with four speakers ( two each on top and bottom edges) as well as a magnetic Smart connector to connect the Smart Keyboards.

So,Apple-fans should keep this date in mind and hope the new iPhone 5se would be more suprises than expected.

Original article on Tech Insider

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