British Woman Refused Entry To Thailand After Using Passport As Toilet Paper

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A British woman named Faye Wilson was deported from Thailand after immigration checks revealed that some pages on her Passport was missing some pages.

All her hopes of spending a month in Thailand before heading to Australia to work was dashed after the incident and was deported to Dubai and then Glasgow with her Documents seized by Thai authorities.

Commenting on the issue, she gave an excuse that some months back, she was walking back from a bar and had nature call,which she answered but she’s had to use her Passport pages as alternative to wipe herself.

Although, she claimed to have use the same Passport after the “Wee Incidents” crossing several airports without problems but the Thai authorities didn’t oversee this and she was refused entry from the country.

The 28yrs old learned a lesson the hard way and must fly back to her home country to get a new passport.

Our advice, A passport shouldn’t be used as a toilet paper.

Source: Dailymail

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