10 Facts about Carrots

facts about carrots
10 Facts about Carrots

This article features 10 facts about carrots as good antioxidants. It is no wonder that the carrot is claimed to be the “perfect health food“.

The Carrot (daucus carota) is a root vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, found in cultivars of yellow, white, orange, red, and purple colors with the orange carrot being the most popular and mainly composed of water and carbs, they are extremely low in fat and protein and an excellent source of vitamin.

10 Facts about Carrots

Here are 10 facts about carrots that you probably did not know about.

1. There are claims that the orange-colored carrots came to be only in the 16th century when the Dutch crossed the red ones with the yellow ones as a tribute to the ruling house of orange at the time.

2. The plant originated in Persia and was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds. (All that deliciousness left to rot for many years)

3. Carrot is one of the most sugary vegetables in the world – only beet has it more.

4. Carrots have the largest content of vitamin A (beta carotene) which promotes good vision. 100 grams of carrots will give you 104% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A.

5. Wild rabbits don’t eat wild carrots (Hmm, who would have thought?).

6. One glass of milk contains the same amount of calcium as in 9 carrots.

7. One carrot gives you energy to walk a mile.

8. Eating too much carrots may cause a condition called “cartonemia”. It gives your skin a yellowish tint.

9. About 30% of American get their Vitamin A intakes from carrots

10. People first grew carrots as medicine not as food to cure various aliments.

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